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Image by Annie Spratt

Resilience, and Neurodevelopment Lab

Department of Psychological Science
University of Vermont
Director: Dr. Alexis Brieant


We are a research team at the University of Vermont (UVM) committed to studying how and why stress and adversity affect brain development and mental health during childhood and adolescence. 

More than half of individuals experience at least one adverse event before age 18. These adverse experiences, such as abuse, neglect, parental separation, and social and economic inequity, can affect the way that the brain develops as well as later mental health. We integrate perspectives from developmental science, clinical psychology, and neuroscience to better understand the factors that exacerbate risk or promote resilience for youth, and aim to leverage scientific knowledge to
mitigate disparities in mental health.

Our Research


Family & Environment

Our families and the environments that we grow up in have profound influences on our lives. We are especially interested in the effects of stressful or adverse experiences and how they shape child and adolescent development.



Not everyone who experiences adversity will experience negative outcomes. Our goal is to identify individual, familial, and community factors that may be protective and foster mental health and well-being.

Brain Sketch


How does adversity "get under the skin"? Alterations and adaptations in the brain following adversity may provide insight into the complex effects on mental health and cognitive functioning.

Recent Publications

Click here for a full list of publications.

We are always excited about opportunities to share this work in academic settings or in the community -- contact us!

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